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Cured Ham, a unique flavor

Cured Ham, a unique flavor

Cured Italian Ham

The ham is a healthy food because it is completely natural and genuine but also good and tasty, highly digestible and suitable for feeding the baby

The ham is a cut of meat from the pig corresponding rear limb that can be cooked and served fresh but more often the hams are cured or tanned

The etymology of the word prosciutto derives from the Latin pro, meaning before and exsuctus which means dry. Ham, therefore, means Soak before. The processing of this meat is in fact based on the elimination of moisture due to the drying process followed by curing. A process that ensures its long shelf life


The main types of Italian ham:

Ham of Parma
The unmistakable Norcia
The soft San Daniele
The tasty Modena
The delicate Tuscany
The delicate and fragrant Carpegna
The sweet Veneto Berico Euganeo
The aromatic flavor of Jambon de Bosses
The delicate and sweet ham Cuneo
The aroma accentuated the type of Cinta Senese
The delicate aroma and unique flavor of Prosciutta of Castelnuovo

Learn, enjoy and give information on these hams means to spread the culture and the enhancement of food and wine regions of Italy.

Eating ham means fusing together the balanced flavor of tender meat with the flavor of spices typical of maturing, producing a pleasant and satisfying sensation.


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