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Molitum cereal flour mixtures
Blight vanilla
Blight coconut and chocolate
Blight coffee
Blight cocoa and chocolate
Sicilian cuisine gluten UNIFARMED
Confectionery products without gluten UNIFARMED
Natural supplement for immune system
Supplements of magnesium and calcium
Last Company inserted
La Madre Terra
Chocolate Farm Srl - Bonlife
Gluten-free products for pharmacies UNIFARMED
Natural Point Srl
Salumifico Sosio
SICIL ICE, Sicilian food frozen
Guerra Spa 7Chef
Amica Natura

Foodly: Itlian Food Specialities is a thematic portal dedicated to Italian food,  to restaurant sector and catering industry

 The aim of the portal is to provide users a wide range of products and companies in the food sector, to give information about  the current laws concerning food security, and to give a collection of recipes and tips for good health and proper nutrition.

Foodly is an advertising portal that offers companies in the food sector, confectionery,  and catering sector a space to showcase products and promote business on the web.

Alongside the merchandise exhibition, the portal aims to provide a range of information relating to the major exhibiting fairs  of the Italian agri-food sector.

Want to be updated on the latest news of the industry?

Food Security - the section of the website of the Ministry of Health
FAO - World Food and Agriculture

The fairs in the sector of food, restaurant and catering, beverage, pastry, confectionery industry are:

RHEX-The new hall of Catering and Hospitality and the exhibiting companies at  RHEX

Cibus - International Food Exhibition and the exhibiting companies at Cibus

Tuttofood - Milano World Food Exhibition and the exhibiting companies at Tuttofood

Sigep - International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry and Bakery

Simei - International Exhibition of Machinery for Enology and Bottling