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Confectionery products and ice creams

Confectionery products and ice creams

Desserts, ice cream, cookies and cakes

The Italian gastronomic tradition includes a wide range of sweets ranging from biscuits and cakes to desserts. Often linked to special events and anniversaries

Served during important occasions as the conclusion to a good meal or as a traditional sweet - like, for example, panettone,  pandoro and Easter colomba - Italian sweets are important symbols for special celebrations and anniversaries. Sweets follow the seasonal cycles: each season is characterized by different fruits which enrich the sweets to give them a particular taste.

Walnuts and hazelnuts, for example, are ingredients often used in the preparation of autumn and winter cakes as well as apples, chestnuts, berries and dried fruit in general. In spring sweets are often made with ricotta and mascarpone cheese, while in summer honey and fresh fruits are preferred.

Italy can boast a very important tradition of sweet and cake making, with great differences between the north and south of the country both in terms of the ingredients and preparation methods used. These differences originate from the different climate and also for historical reasons.

The typical ingredients of central and southern Italy, just to give some examples, are ricotta cheese, almonds and pistachios, figs, must and candied fruits, all protagonists in the preparation of cakes and biscuits. In the north of Italy the use of milk-based creams is very widespread, along with whipped cream, butter, chestnuts, apples and berries which are very often flavoured with liqueurs.

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