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Pane surgelato crudo Pane precotto surgelato Pasticceria cruda

Matteo: frozen bakery and pastry

Matteo: frozen bakery and pastry

Via Ridondello, 65/67
27058 Voghera (PV), Italia.

Tel Matteo: frozen bakery and pastry
 +39 0383 645291 - 49069
fax Matteo: frozen bakery and pastry
 +39 0383 646316

Panificio Matteo Srl produces frozen semi-finished oven-baked products and in particular frozen bread and frozen pre-baked bread

The company's range is wide and includes focaccia bread and pizza bases.

Frozen bakery rawPanificio Matteo not only produces and sales frozen pre-baked bread, but also frozen ciabatta bread, bread with olives, with onions, walnuts and many other types.

The frozen pre-baked bread products need to be placed in a storage compartment and ventilated oven, while frozen bread dough also needs a retarder prover.

The frozen bread dough is available for the following bread products:

  • Frozen pane arabo (flat type of bread)
  • baguette
  • small pieces of bread
  • ciabatta bread
  • durum wheat bread
  • milk bread rolls

Some of the company's frozen pre-baked bread varieties:

  • Frozen breadFrozen pre-baked bread with olives
  • ciabatta bread with olives
  • onion
  • walnuts
  • bacon
  • salami
  • raisins

The frozen ciabatta is available as a classic version, or with olives or onions.

The frozen ciabatta and breads and all of the other frozen pre-baked bread varieties produced by Panificio Matteo Srl are aimed at mass retail and the horeca sector.

Frozen and /or pre-baked bread in small formats is available for the foodservice industry. Panificio Matteo Srl also produces pre-baked and frozen confectionery products.


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