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Meat, cold meats and salami: specialties of traditional Italian

Meat, cold meats and salami: specialties of traditional Italian

Meats and salami

The Italian gastronomic tradition includes several PDO (Protected Designation or Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) cold meats and salami. 

Italy boasts a first-rate gastronomic tradition and each region is characterized by a wide range of meats and salami, which represent a unique and inimitable patrimony of products.

Also renowned  abroad, our traditional cold meats and salami have their own characteristics which originate from ancient preparation methods going back many years.

Italy has gained a large experience in the slaughtering of meat and preparation of special cold meats and salami. Each region can boast a number of typical products made with carefully selected ingredients and according to processes which reflect our culture and history. It is thanks to those traditional techniques  that we have the typical products we all know today.

The products denominated PDO are those whose processing has to take place within a delimited area and according to the traditional recipe.

The PGI products, on the other hand, are all those products produced according to a recipe which is typical of their region or country of origin. In addition, at least part of the production and/or processing and/or working of the products has to take place within a delimited area.

There are various factors which concur in the production of quality cold meats and salami:

the natural feeding of the animals which must grow in the normal way; a correct method for slaughtering the meat; the respect of the right seasoning of the products and, to conclude, a correct packaging and storage of the products.