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Black Pig Ham

The black pork ham is a typical product from Calabria produced by Madeo Salumi under the Tenuta Corone brand. This ham is slightly peppery in accordance with the ancient recipes of the Calabrian tradition

The Calabrian black pork ham is slightly peppery, in accordance with the ancient recipes of the Calabrian tradition.

The Calabrian black pig is a high-value local breed which lives in a natural state and is fed with natural products such as acorns, chestnuts, bran and cereal grains.

- Black pork ham from Calabria
- Whole ham on the bone
- Ham cut
- Vacuum-packed 
- Salami
- Bacon
- 'Nduja
- Calabrian black pork sticks

The company's ham features a natural black colour which is purposely preserved intact as a distinguishing feature. The white and red colour of the high-quality meat along with its quality makes for a unique product: a tenderness which melts in the mouth and satisfies even the most demanding taste.

Black pig hamHam is cold cured over a period of 10 months in the mountain Pre-sila climate and is available in the following versions: whole ham on the bone; ham cut, also in 400 g vacuum pack, all distributed by Madeo Salumi under the Tenuta Corone brand.

The ham, along with all of the company other products, are made with the meat of black pig which is particularly tasty, tender and with a low saturated fat content.

Filiera Agroalimentare Madeo has its offices in the same place where the pigs live in a natural state. Filiera Agroalimentare Madeo sticks with ancient and natural breeding traditions in order to obtain quality products. 

The development strategy of the company combines the respect for territory and environment. Low impact environmental activities reduce the risk of extinction for this rare breed.

The products included in the Calabrian black pork cold meats and salami are rare food specialities which have already gained the attention and appreciation of a large and demanding client-base.



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