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Organic wine vinegar

The organic vinegar of wine is the touch of quality AER, Acetificio Romagnolo, added to its production, that is already characterized by a high content of excellent taste

Organic white wine vinegar and redWine vinegar from organic cultivation is BIOTERRE a brand dedicated to the production of organic vinegar from red and white wine. The organic vinager is obtained through a traditional system that Acetificio AER uses for the production of the other vinagers,  the difference is the use of organic grapes.  This makes it ideal for those who follow a particular diet.

The method is the classic one of slow processing known  as  "truciolo (chip)" that consists on the use of wooden vats of  larch.

The wooden vats contains bundles of  grape branches through which the wine is percolating for about ten days

A colony of yeast and aerobic bacteria expects the wine on the bottom of the vat and their own essential elements allow to obtain a good yield of the process of acidification

After this period, the vinager is remaining aging in oak barrels to consolidate flavors and aromas that come from the wine

The following treatments of clarification and filtration make the product clear and stable

The never ending quality,  the cure and the attention to the organic cultivation of vineyards make this product unique . The result is a wine vinegar with a special and familiar flavor, aroma of good things as they used to be


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