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Fresh pasta contractors

Great Italian Pasta is your guarantee of safety. Quality, and offer experience in contract manufacturing

The careful monitoring of raw materials ensures quality source: fresh pasta intended for third parties is an expression of years of quality and commitment in the field, also addressed a commitment to respect for Italian food culture

Ripena fresh pasta and egg pasta or durum wheat production are the main groups within which there are fans of bids and proposals that solve any problem very diverse production or demand for companies that want to choose Great Pasta Italian partner
Fresh pasta stuffed. The contractors filled goodness
The line represents the classic stuffed pasta production, timeless character of the Italian table

The line plays with exquisite specialties classic and original combinations of fillings and a wide range of formats

Pasta quality is top of the range, sizes extra size with the highest percentage of filled
Smooth paste with egg and durum wheat are the specialties of the most famous recipes of the Italian regional tradition.

How to make great recipes?major ingredients necessary to start from:
Fresh eggs from flocks tested and make the best meal the unmistakable flavor of the pasta Great Italian Pasta, selected mixtures which give the dough Your taste the best Italian tradition, the taste that makes it unique


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