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Fruit juices single serve packaging

The practical packaging of fruit juice single-serve Yoga is suitable for drinking outside the home, particularly for children.

fruit juice single serveFruit juice YOGA is perfect for modern life that often leads us to be away from home, eating, working and living very quickly.

Why being happy for what we have, renouncing taste, genuine products and wellness you can have with quality products?

Combining Yoga, the brand that is linked to tradition and to sentiment, with the need for practical things here is fruit juice single-serve YOGA
Comfortable and safe packaging, tetrabrik in 200 ml, or 125 ml glass bottles: 

YOGA quality walks with you

With Juice in the brik, YOGA turns to its historical target: babies.
juice for babiesJuice in carton for fruit juice is unique with its superior quality, its secure hygiene guaranteed by tetra brik.

You can drink juice with 70% of fruit with YOGA Optimum, with 90% of fruit with Prime Nectar, all fruits used are Italian.

The fruit juice Yoga is controlled at every stage of production to ensure a product without harmful residues.

The single-serve packaging walks with you

Fruit juice in brick seems born for the world of vending machines
Fruit Juice in brick
you can find them in many places, such as train stations, along many major streets of your town, in shopping malls.

A young and dynamic way that follows you wherever you go, in every moment and in every place, wherever you will have the need, you can quench your thirst with a quality product. The same quality of the brand YOGA since the 40s.


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