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AER Vinegar Emiliano Romagnolo

AER Vinegar Emiliano Romagnolo

, Italia.

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Acetificio AER: vinegar made with white or red wine  for a burst of taste and flavor in your salads or in your vegetables, or key ingredient for the preparation of your canned

AER, the Acetificio (vinegar factory) was  born in Emilia Romagna,  an area devoted to wine production that  celebrates, through its products, the love  for good food.

white and red wine vinegarThe wine vinegar produced by AER, white and red, is also from organic farming. The vinegar is obtained, descends,  from the fermentation of wine, and it is transformed through a slow system in wooden vats of larch, system known as the "truciolo (chip)" 

The white wine vinegar comes only from the fermentation of white grapes, and from these grapes it gets its characteristic straw color; the red wine vinegar comes from the red grapes of  Romagna and reaches that deep red from the strong colors of these grapes.

The vinager factory was born in 1968, in Lugo near Ravenna, it is a building of 1500 square meters with a total capacity of 60 thousand quintals.

In 1996 AER acquired "Brini Corado" and began to use its brand for the distribution of vinager in bottles.

In 1997 AER obtained the AIAB certification for the production of organic vinegar that is currently distributed with the brand BIOTERRE.

Finally, the Company  obtained the authorization from the Ministry of Agriculture for the production of vinegar using different raw materials from  wine,  and the permission for the production of  vinegar-based sauces.



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