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Lavorazione uova Produzione uova e ovoprodotti

Eurovo Group

Eurovo Group

, Italia.

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Eurovo is like a big family that works for you eggs like the hands of the farmer

Eurovo is a leading producer of powdered and pasteurized eggs.
The company controls millions of hens, manages the production plants and boasts important shares in several European markets.

Gruppo Eurovo is one of the most important Italian businesses operating in the sector of egg products and egg-derived products.

The company's wide product range goes from powdered and pasteurised eggs and mixes for omelettes to pasteurized egg-products, powdered egg-derived products and ready to use frozen egg-derived products.

Eurovo products

  • Powdered and Pasteurized  eggs
  • Mixes for vegetable omelettes, asparagus omelettes, courgette omelettes and onion omelettes
  • Liquid and powdered pasteurized products
  • Fresh and frozen 
  • Shelled, homogenized, pasteurized and refrigerated 
  • Boxed pasteurized eggs
  • Instant granulated white
  • Hen and quail eggs

Eurovo also plays an important role in the European egg market. It is an integrated company which develops vertically, through the direct control and management of the entire egg production and processing process.

The products of Gruppo Eurovo are divided as follows, according to the sector they are destined to: small-scale production division, horeca channel, organic sector, special products and trade sector.

The following brands belong to Gruppo Eurovo: Ovodelizia, Maia, le Naturelle, Notissime, Campo Felice, Caradec, Liot, Gandolfi, Eurovo service and Eurovo premium.


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