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Aziende Campobasso

Aziende Campobasso

, Italia.

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Aziende Campobasso grows, selects and works dried fruit which distributes in bags with different brands and for different uses. A solid tradition for things well done

The best varieties of nuts, grown in the warm land of Puglia, become products by Aziende Campobasso. Dried fruit in bags worked to get the consumer's table through large retailers, or to enrich the taste and flavor of the confectionery industry and the work of professionals pastry
The Campobasso family has been involved for over 100 years in the production and processing of dried fruit. The almonds were only the beginning of a prestigious production which was followed by hazelnuts, walnuts and pine nuts.

The production of dried fruit by Aziende Campobasso is divided into two main areas,
Dried fruits in bags for Retail: on the shelves of supermarkets with the best brands: Campobasso 1898, Voglia di Natura, Frutti della Terra, Doni del Mandorlo
Dried fruits for pastry and confectionery industry: the production is composed mainly of almonds available for all uses. A varied offer of shelled almonds, peeled, sliced​​, in bars, in small grains, into flour. Then the sweet and inviting and delicious hazelnut kernels, pine nuts and walnuts
The special climatic condition of Puglia, characterized by mild winters and long, hot summer, is the secret of extraordinary crops for quality and taste: dried fruit by Aziende Campobasso is indeed appreciated throughout the world for its intense flavor and authenticity.


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